Want to find the hidden money in your IT budget?

Look at your data center maintenance, support, and renewal expenses. 

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  • Update Data Center maintenance information.
  • Stop paying for out-of-service equipment.
  • Be aware of warranty expiration dates.
  • Proactively manage contract renewals.
  • Use real data to negotiate better pricing.

Learn where your money is going

then do something about it


Spreadsheet Mockup-Reversed

This template will help you

  • Save time creating your own asset management spreadsheet.
  • Learn why each field is important to the process.
  • See use cases as examples of how to interact with each field.
  • Identify which data sets are mandatory or optional.
  • Get real examples of data to eliminate guesswork.

Lead by example, optimize expenses, & reinvest the rest.


At the end of the day, you don’t have enough money to buy what you need, and maintenance costs are adding to the pain. Without the visibility, pricing and plan to proactively control maintenance expenses, how much money is being wasted that could be reallocated for your other IT initiatives and strategic projects? More importantly, what is this blind spot doing to your peace of mind and reputation?


Don't waste your budget on unnecessary maintenance

Deliver the right level of support to the right assets for the right price. Then reinvest the difference to fund other initiatives. Less risk, more flexibility. IT’s just that simple.

What can you track with this template?


Vendor Contracts

• EMC Support Contracts
• Cisco SmartNet Contracts
• HPE Support and Warranty
• Dell EMC Support
• IBM Support
• SuperMicro Support
• NetApp Support
• HDS (Hitachi) Support
• Sun Oracle Support
• Fujitsu Support
• Nexsan Support
• Juniper Support
• And many more...

IT Assets

• Server
• Storage
• Networking
• Tablets
• Mobile Devices
• PCs
• Laptops
• Software

Template Benefits
By using our IT Maintenance Optimization Template you’ll be able to efficiently manage IT assets and maintenance contracts, or you can upload your data into our Owlytica platform so we can help. This template will also help you determine

Our Experience
Reliant Technology has over 14 years of data center maintenance optimization experience. Our effective IT asset lifecycle management process and asset management tools give you the competitive advantage necessary to reduce IT asset costs.


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